Dependable Pool Cleaner Is 1st of 4 Steps to Lovely Swimming Pool 

An effective maintenance routine is a must for every swimming pool supply, whether it is a small, above-ground contraption or a vast, in-ground unit. Devise a carefully planned routine and let your pool cleaner do the heavy lifting.

Follow these four simple steps and you’ll be on your way to a sparking pool:

  • Invest in the best pool cleaner you can afford. Incredible advances have been made in pool-cleaning technology since homeowners began installing swimming pools in their backyards, and many automatic models come with convenient, computer-programmed functions that will streamline your maintenance routine. Automatic vacuums come in three styles: suction, which depends on your filter system for power; pressure, which uses your return line for power; and robotic, which operates independently and does not need to be attached to anything. Regardless of your budget, you can find a vacuum that suits your criteria at a price you’re comfortable paying.
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  • Use pool supplies designed to make your life easier. Individually packaged chlorine tablets, for one. Both chlorine and bromine are sanitizers that play a major role in keeping your pool supply clean. Chlorine, the more popular of the two, is available in many convenient options, such as tabs and sticks that can be placed in a chlorinator for steady release. Bromine is more effective for hot water and less harsh on your eyes and skin than chlorine. If you prefer granular chemicals, look for easy-pour buckets and containers with child-resistant lids.
  • A pool filter traps many of the contaminants that can harm your pool and water if neglected, from fallen leaves and pollen to dead bugs and dirt. No matter how often you vacuum or how diligent you are about chlorinating your swimming pool, a filtration system is absolutely essential to reducing the risk of murky water and algae. Filters pump your pool water through a trap, collecting the debris while releasing the fresh water back into the pool.
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  • Spend a little time manually cleaning your pool. Skim leaves from the water’s surface, scrub the tiles with a brush and dump debris from the filter. Several minutes of maintenance every few days can go a long way in maintaining the beauty and life of your swimming pool. Minor upkeep, in addition to running your pool supply cleaner regularly, can extend the life of your filter, pump and other costly equipment, ensuring they fulfill or even surpass their intended lifespans. Manual and automatic maintenance also will reduce your reliance on pool chemicals such as chlorine, which are a necessity for any pool but can be irritating on the skin and eyes.
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Pool accessories do not have to be expensive to be effective, but they must be suitable for your swimming pool design and adaptable to your lifestyle. Thoughtful planning early on will help you achieve an inviting pool that’s always ready for company.

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